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Andhra Medi Pharma India Pvt. Ltd.

Manufacturer of Glucosamine, India

A premium manufacturer of Glucosamine and its salts  in India with unique advantages

  • Manufacturing unit in Vijayawada (Andhra Pradesh), India. At 998 km from Mumbai.
  • Highly experienced healthcare professional team
  • In-house product development , pilot plant and process scale-up and analytical method development capabilities
  • Swift Actions from  Product Concept to commercialisation
  • Committed commercial deliveries at competitive price
  • Backward Integration & Traceability
    • Manufactures its own Chitin which is the starting Raw Material for manufacturing Glucosamine and its salts
    • Produces approx. 160 MT per month Chitin in several of its chitin facilities located on the southern and eastern coastline of India
    • Is the first Indian company to obtain to Regulation (EC) No. 852/2004 & 853/2004 compliance TRACES list: Approval number 1833  which allows them to ship  Glucosamine and its salts to European Union

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