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Phenethyl Alcohol

Product Description

Phenyl Ethyl Alcohol is a key ingredient in fragrance and flavours and has a pleasant floral odour reminiscent of rose.

Basic Information
Product name 2-Phenyl Ethyl Alcohol
Chemical name Chemical names 2-Phenyl Ethyl Alcohol, Phenethyl Alcohol, 2-phenylethanol
Ingredients Flavors, Fragrances
Specification data sheet
Formula C8H10O
Molecular weight 122
CAS 60-12-8
Einecs 200-456-2
FEMA 2858
Tariff number
Version One
Date of version 18th Sept 2017
Certification Kosher / Halal / FCC / USP / Food Grade / REACH-LPR
Appearance Clear colorless liquid
Colour Colourless
Odour Sweet, floral rosaceous with honey undertones
Solubility NA
Assay (% gc) 99.5 min
Stability and storage 2 years under cool dry conditions away from direct sunlight
Packaging 200 kg GI or epoxy coated MS Drums / 1000 kg IBCs
Key application areas/industry Fragrance / Flavor / Pharma / FMCG Products

Product Details

Manufacturer Harmony Organics
Industry Flavour & Fragrance