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Harmony Organics Pvt. Ltd

Manufacturing Supplier for Phenyl ethyl Alcohol (P.E.A.)

Largest Manufacturer of PEA in India

  • A 24,000-sq.m. manufacturing site located near the city of Pune (220 km from Mumbai)
  • Installed capacity is 3000 Tons p.a. with an expansion under progress that will boost it to 6000 tons p.a. by Q4 of 2018
  • All critical product testing validated by reputable third-party labs (TuV Rhineland / Nord)
  • Complies with USP specifications on residual solvent impurity methanol
  • Certified free of residual heavy metals and Aflatoxins for suitability for food applications
  • Manufactured in a dedicated facility with no risk of allergen cross contamination
  • Certified free of residual peroxide impurities benzene and styrene solvents (all below 5 ppm)
  • Wide range of packaging options customised for customer-processes (e.g. IBCs, epoxy coated MS drums, GI drums)
  • Safety labelling fully compliant with CLP / GHS and all applicable EU legislation.
  • Efficient Tech. Services and Support including a qualified (PhD) regulatory contact
  • State of the art plant with full safety, pollution control and effluent treatment plant (Zero Liquids Discharge facility) in place to ensure undisrupted supply chain


ISO 9001:2008 | ISO 22000 | HACCP | Halal & Kosher | IFRA Guidelines | REACH