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AGORA works as an extended office representing foreign companies in India in the following:

Formulate a Strategy for Sourcing out of India.

Timing & Season: Since all the products are agrarian in nature apart from meeting quality requirements one also has to have procurement strategies that coincided with the harvest season of the spices. Timing of purchases is equally important as meeting quality standards.

Manage Risk: To minimize the instances of vendors defaulting on contracts. If the requirement is substantial we try to split the business between suppliers. Qualifying more than one supplier for each product.

Provide periodic market report / intelligence on the trends, prices and key spices production in India.

Offer commercial service:

Qualify vendors based on customers’ requirements of quality

Based on requirements seek offers from multiple vendors & negotiate for most competitive prices

Supply chain management

Send samples for approvals

Logistics: When PO are in place – follow up on production & ensure compliance to shipment schedule. This is one of the biggest challenges faced by foreign companies dealing directly with India.

Follow up shipments and ensure that all terms of PO are met.

Ensure that shipping documentation is prepared, comply with requirements, and sent to the relevant departments.