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Manufactured from natural d-limonene using our proprietary green process. It is a high purity product comprised of at least 99.5% Carvacrol.

Phenyl Ethyl Alchohol (PEA)

A key ingredient in fragrance and flavours with a pleasant floral odour reminiscent of rose

Glucosamine Hydrochloride

A salt form of Glucosamine which is a natural Amino Sugar – widely used as a nutraceutical in the condition of arthritis

Cinnamic Aldehyde

An ingredient for the flavour, fragrance and animal feed industries. It is used as a sensory additive (flavorant) and preservative for animal feed additives.


Used extensively in Toothpastes, Oral Care products, Chewing gums and various shampoos, air fresheners, deodorants etc

Direct with Manufacturer

We are the overseas representative office, so sales and invoicing are direct with the manufacture

Better pricing intelligence

By obtaining, filtering and analysing market information

One point communication

Due to our total understanding of Indian culture, market ethos and direct access to manufacturing facilities

No time zone difference

With local European and Indian office, we work with the customers and the manufacturers at the at respective working hours

Concrete solutions

Based on real experiences as we have the right experience & exposure to provide holistic view

Reduced Cost

Variable: traveling expenses, management time, etc. Fixed: less need for additional staffing and infrastructure.

Vendor Profile

We have personally audited all the manufacturers that we work with. They have the required quality accreditations for exporting products to world.

Apart from the accreditations all companies have in-house labs that are equipped to test all the parameters issued by Specifications/COA. For specific requirements, samples may be sent to independent international labs or to the Spice Board of India.

Product Range

The firm’s team intends to provide exceptional levels of service that guarantee very high client satisfaction. Most of our clients are based in Europe, mainly in Spain. Nonetheless, our portfolio also includes clients from South America and North America.

Our client base consists of all sizes of companies with international experience. In many cases, our clients have been in India for years and are informed about the market, relying on Agora for growth or other business needs.

While our clients reach across industries, a large percentage come from the flavour & fragrance industry as a result of the nature of wide range of product availability in India. But increasingly, we have experienced growth of demand for the products that we deal in for application in other industries, viz., agriculture, animal feeds, nutraceuticals, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals.

About Agora Alliance

Agora is an overseas representative office for selected manufacturers to conduct marketing and other non-transactional operations in EU and Latin America. We facilitate customers with services such as sourcing of products, quality control, and general liaison activities with the manufacturers. Founded by a small group of seasoned Spanish and Indian management professionals with large experience in India, Europe and Latin America. We apply our intimate understanding of the market to offer unparalleled insights that help our clients succeed in India; from sourcing & procurement to concrete business solutions.
AGORA is committed to excellence and quality in its business partnerships. The nature of association varies with the clients, nature & extent of involvement. We strive for successful nurturing and long lasting partnerships that are mutually beneficial.   Our pillars of business: Integrity | Transparency | Prompt Service | Product Quality | Competitive Pricing

Core Team

Iratxe Pazos

Iratxe Pazos

Business Development - EU & Latin America

Her experience, which extends for over a decade, in procurement and project management, managing the instalment of new Heparin plants in Brazil, Poland and Nebraska on behave of Bioiberica S.A. In 2010, she was posted in Gujarat, India to explore the feasibility to install an API Plant in India. In 2011, she launched the new project, AGORA Professional, with her Indian counterpart Mr. Ravi Yadava. Her vast international work experience also includes USA & Ireland. Iratxe visits India regularly for auditing Indian Pharma & API Plant for sourcing and manages business development in EU and Latin America.

Ravi Yadava

Ravi Yadava

Operations - India

With a MBA in Marketing & Finance, covering sourcing, trading (commodities at LME) for over a decade. He established a strong network of contacts with many leading Indian Pharma companies who are leading producers of Intermediates/API and formulation. He worked in the Indian Corporate Sector for a UK-Swiss Company, Trafigura, in the commodities sector returning after five years to set up a consultancy firm – M/s TELOS. TELOS specialises in sourcing from India for overseas clients, product development, contract manufacturing, business partner search and turnkey project co-ordination. In 2011 he founded Agora Professional, along with Ms. Iratxe Pazos, to expand his services to EU and Latin America.

Debasish Parui

Debasish Parui

Operations - Spain

Qualified MBA in Marketing & Economics, with over fifteen years of professional experience and since 2015 in charge of development of EU market and operations (Spain) at Agora Professional. Prior experience includes a leadership role at Kotak Securities Ltd., a leading Indian financial conglomerate, working as Vice President, Business Development in 2012 while he stepped out to set up Nodare, a digital marketing company in Mumbai, India. Having successfully streamlined operation in India he moved to Barcelona (Spain) in February 2013 to set-up office. In August 2014 Nodare was integrated into Synoverge, an IT consulting company focusing on providing Enterprise Solution.

Christina Liao

Christina Liao

Operations - China

Mainly charged for purchase & trading since 2013. She worked in one of the biggest Chinese menthol company Greenleaf, managing sourcing between India and China. In 2016, she set up a consulting company — Shanghai Dechu. Dechu specialises in sourcing from China for overseas customers and market research, meanwhile co-cooperated with Telos India and Agora Alliance SL, Spain to explore business globally.

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